I have participated in GEW from the second year on and each year it becomes more exciting for me. It is a strategic part of my business concept.

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Types of Organizations that host GEW events:

  • Small businesses and entrepreneurial support organizations
  • Colleges/Universities
  • K-12 academic institutions
  • Government agencies 
  • Youth or community support organizations
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • & more


GEW USA is made up of a strong network of organizations that host events, activities, surveys, web chats and more during the Week. These organizations are bringing together city leaders, local government, and citizens to encourage economic growth in the community.  As an organizing partner you can deepen the impact of your programs and garner more community support.


GEW USA is November 14-20, 2016

Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place all over the world. Currently, the GEW network extends to 157 countries.

Find out more about our global network at www.genglobal.org

Learn more about GEW global opportunities in Global Resources.  


Step 1: Register as a GEW Organizing Partner.
Create a new account or login to your old one. 

Step 2: Once you receive a confirmation email, update your profile. 
Make sure to add your company bio, Facebook, Twitter and other social profiles to help elevate your brand. 

Step 3: Submit an Activity to the database. 
On your profile page click the button "Create Event." Add as much event information as you can. It's ok to go back later and update your activities, dates, times and locations. You can also create events from the country home page. 

Step 4: Share your events. 
Share your events directly from your profile. 

Step 5: Tell us about your Week
Planning something big for this year? Let us know what you're up to! Send us blogs, photos, announcements and more so we can help promote your work. Email info@gewusa.org and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Step 6: Brand your event. 
Branding your event with the GEW logo helps us keep track of thousands of events happening across the US and provides recognition and higher attendance for you. Download the GEW USA logo packet. 

Step 7: Promote your event. 
Get in touch with the local media, invite local leaders and local celebrities, show how your organization is contributing to job creation and economic development - these are just a few ideas outlined in our Marketing Packet. Download the Marketing Packet. 


The 2014 GEW USA survey revealed that hosting events helps both the local ecosystem and individual organizations achieve goals and strengthen connections. 

This was a great year for us to involve new leaders, new volunteers, and new organizations. GEW will only grow in Dallas and hopefully Dallas will become more and more involved in the international presence of GEW!
Thank you for doing this! As the #1 University Affiliated Business Incubator, this was a great addition to our regular activities and social media efforts!

We enjoyed our first-time affiliation and hope to do even more next year!
Great job! In addition to messaging the important role of entrepreneurship in economic progress, there is also a link between entrepreneurship and development of strong personal character - especially among young people.
This was a great event and it really helped us bring to light the economic impact of entrepreneurs in the local economy.
This year I chose to participate in every local event and activity possible which resulted in an incredible experience both personally and professionally.
Very well organized and with great opportunities for students. We participated in the IDEA Challenge with DECA and it was awesome!