Global Entrepreneurship Week Breakfast with Roger Duarte (My Cheviche)

@Venture Hive @Microsoft Innovation Center
The event is sponsored by Endeavor and Venture Hive

Roger will speak about his success story.

About Roger and My Cheviche:

The youngest of three siblings and the only born in Miami, Roger Duarte (28) has been an entrepreneur at heart since early childhood. Family members still tease him to this day about selling off the birthday gifts he received growing up – a Nintendo to his cousin, skate board to his gardener, Gameboy to his friend at school – just to make a profit. Immersed in a family full of successful corporate heads, values such as hard work, dedication and drive were instilled into his character from his first memories.

Realizing his innate talent for business, finance and numbers in general, he took up study at Sufflok University in Boston, and then ITESM in Mexico, before completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Barry University in Miami. Wanting to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the world of finance, the young enthusiast agreed to work in investment banking without pay for three months where he was to focus on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring and capital raising. Within the first month he landed a $40 million project for the company, much to the pleasure of his boss. He was immediately hired for a paid position and went on to work for the company for four and a half years.

During his time as an investment banker, Duarte worked with Latin American companies, as well as the Hispanic business market in the U.S. Quickly climbing the corporate ladder, he tasted success but couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled in some way. Never wanting to work for anyone but himself, he always knew there was something else in the stars and actually stumbled upon the idea for what would be his next venture completely by chance.

Like most natives, Duarte was an avid lover of seafood, especially stone crabs. Courting a young woman who shared his love of crustaceans, Duarte decided to surprise the lucky lady with a delicious feast for two that he had just secured from a fisherman friend. While carrying the large plastic bag of fresh stone crabs up the elevator to her apartment, a fellow resident offered to buy the bag from him for over twice what he had paid. It was there and then that the idea for George Stone Crab was born. Much to the dismay of his parents, the young man of only 24 left the high paced, high-pressure world of investment banking, purchased a couple pounds of stone crab claws, printed out flyers and began selling the claws door-to-door on Key Biscayne.

Now, as founder and president of the largest stone crab home delivery service in the U.S., as well as his stone crab export business Premier Exports, his national delivery outpost of George Stone Crab, his George Stone Crab take-out counter at Miami International Airport and most recently, the bustling South Beach take-out and delivery counter My Ceviche, Duarte is at the top of his game with no plans to slow down.

Duarte attributes his success largely to his upbringing and education, but mostly to his experience as an investment banker. “Investment banking was a great step for me,” states the young entrepreneur. “It’s important for any business owner to understand finance and cash flow. Understanding how to make money work for you instead of you working for money is key… and it’s what has allowed me my success.”

My Ceviche, located at 235 Washington Avenue, is open Monday through Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Friday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. until midnight. Delivery is on South Beach only, from 1st street to 50th street, including the sand and along the Venetian Causeway. No minimum is required, but a $3 to $5 charge is assessed to all delivery orders. Telephone: 305-397-8710

The Miami-based George Stone Crab kicked off its home delivery service in 2009. The small company offers fresh, never frozen stone crabs that are less than 24 hours off the boat. The company is the largest distributor of Florida stone crabs to Latin America, distributing to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Venezuela.

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