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GEW USA is run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives created by the communities that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week each November. Aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem, GEN helps people in 150 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures—creating jobs, unearthing innovations for society and strengthening economic stability around the world. GEN's goals include:

  • Expanding the number of ordinary citizens working for or starting firms around the world by fully legitimizing entrepreneurs in all cultures and economies. 
  • Increasing understanding between the new and traditional elements of emerging startup communities and ecosystems including the constructive engagement of the public sector in supporting entrepreneur designed public programs. 
  • Supporting the emergence of a new class of global entrepreneurs with access to research, programs and networks inside the 150 nation strong GEW network. 
  • Connecting an emerging community of national startup policy advisors with a next generation network of world-class entrepreneurship research institutions in an effort to generate more robust research and data.

Global Entrepreneurship Network

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