Two Austin Startups Featured at First White House Demo Day

President Barack Obama is hosting the nation’s first Demo Day at the White House to showcase innovative technology startups from all over the country.


Among them, Jeanette Hill, CEO and founder of Spot On Sciences, will show off its portable and easy to use blood test kits. The company has created a product, HemaSpot, that lets people take a blood sample easily by pricking their finger and collecting a drop of blood in the special container and then sending it by mail to the lab. The product eliminates needles and trips to the lab. Spot on Sciences has received grants from DARPA and the National Institutes of Health. The company has also “announced a collaboration with the U.S. Military HIV Research Program and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to support a study for detecting infectious pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and mosquito-borne infections such as dengue, West Nile and chikungunya virus in deployed troops,” according to a news release from the White House. Read more. 

Promoting Latino Entrepreneurship

Every Thursday morning, about 40 aspiring businesspeople meet to sip coffee, share ideas and discuss business opportunities at Albuquerque’s South Valley Economic Development Center.

But unlike networking events elsewhere in the city, this gathering features an all-Spanish format. It’s mostly Latino participants drinking the freshly brewed coffee as they meet and greet one another and exchange tips and insights about starting or growing new businesses. Read More.