Entrepreneur plans pay-what-you-can cafe

An N.C. State University grad is trying to change up the Raleigh food scene, starting a pay-what-you-can community café near her alma mater.

Dubbed “A Place at the Table,” the restaurant nonprofit isn’t a new concept, but one Maggie Kane is determined will work here. Read More

Rent the Runway, UBS seek women entrepreneurs with fast-track ideas

When Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss were attending Harvard Business School, it gave them an intellectual oasis to test out among classmates and professors their idea for Rent the Runway. Five years later, the dress-rental concept has amassed 5 million members and $100 million in venture backing and they realize how lucky they were for the time they had to develop the concept.

But not every woman gets that type of opportunity, which is why Fleiss says she and Hyman have joined with financial giant UBS to launch Project Entrepreneur, and separately to kick off their own not-for-profit organization, the Rent the Runway Foundation, Tuesday. Read More

Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Since the end of the Great Recession, most policy makers have focused on boosting jobs and job opportunities. Yet just as important, if not more so, has been the deterioration in the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Last year, the Brookings Institute, Gallup and the Kauffman Foundation warned in separate reports about the decline of American company formation. While American startups tend to create domestic jobs, established companies tend to add them overseas. Therefore, as the rate in which entrepreneurs are building businesses at home declines, so does the number of job opportunities. Read More.