What you need to know about Vanderbilt's new 'Wond'ry'

Say goodbye to the Innovation Center, and hello to the Wond'ry.

What's the Wond'ry, you ask? It's the new brand for Vanderbilt University's Innovation Center, part of the school's effort to foster innovative, entrepreneurial thinking among its students, faculty and stuff.

“Universities, at their very heart, have always served as catalysts of discovery — places where experts from many disciplines converge to learn, to teach and ultimately to create. The Wond’ry at the Innovation Pavilion builds upon that most basic instinct by fostering collaboration across Vanderbilt’s vibrant intellectual tapestry to explore new ways to benefit humanity in measures both small and large,” Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos said in a news release. “The center also represents one of the boldest outcomes to date of Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan, which was unveiled three years ago as a course charting the university’s future success.”

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