Living Cities Blog Series - #GEWCities

In honor of GEW Cities we are recognizing Living Cities, a fantastic organization that works with cross-sector leaders in cities across the U.S. to develop and to develop and scale new approaches geared at achieving dramatically improve the economic well-being of low-income people. By harnessing the collective power of philanthropy and financial institutions, Living Cities improves the lives of low-income people in the cities where they live. Read on to learn more about their city-based approach featuring one of our Startup Cities, Albuquerque, NM. 


Three Business Concepts You Can Apply to Community Engagement
Brittany Ramos DeBarros, Collective Impact Field Builder, Living Cities
Exploring opportunities to apply business concepts to community engagement work.


My Seven-Year Ride on the Green Line
Mary Kay Bailey, Project Manager, Living Cities Integration Initiative, The Saint Paul Foundation
Linking the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the 11-mile Light Rail Transit (LRT) Green Line is creating benefits “beyond the rail” for residents, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Access to Capital: One of the Keys to Prosperity
Robin Brule, Chief Strategist, Innovation Central, City of Albuquerque Living Cities Integration Initiative
A new financial product piloted in Albuquerque, NM may help lower barriers to accessing capital for historically marginalized small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Learn about the New Economic Realities from Albuquerque
Jeff Raderstrong, Program Associate for the Integration Initiative, Living Cities
Albuquerque's Robin Brulé shares her reflections on what it takes to leverage entrepreneurship to create jobs for low-income people.

From Popsicles to Pop Music: Albuquerque Bets on Small-Scale Entrepreneurs
Ron Littlefield, Senior Fellow, Governing Institute
Supporting diverse businesses is the cornerstone of the city’s plan to spark economic mobility.