Entrepreneur plans pay-what-you-can cafe

An N.C. State University grad is trying to change up the Raleigh food scene, starting a pay-what-you-can community café near her alma mater.

Dubbed “A Place at the Table,” the restaurant nonprofit isn’t a new concept, but one Maggie Kane is determined will work here. Read More

Rent the Runway, UBS seek women entrepreneurs with fast-track ideas

When Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss were attending Harvard Business School, it gave them an intellectual oasis to test out among classmates and professors their idea for Rent the Runway. Five years later, the dress-rental concept has amassed 5 million members and $100 million in venture backing and they realize how lucky they were for the time they had to develop the concept.

But not every woman gets that type of opportunity, which is why Fleiss says she and Hyman have joined with financial giant UBS to launch Project Entrepreneur, and separately to kick off their own not-for-profit organization, the Rent the Runway Foundation, Tuesday. Read More

Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Since the end of the Great Recession, most policy makers have focused on boosting jobs and job opportunities. Yet just as important, if not more so, has been the deterioration in the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Last year, the Brookings Institute, Gallup and the Kauffman Foundation warned in separate reports about the decline of American company formation. While American startups tend to create domestic jobs, established companies tend to add them overseas. Therefore, as the rate in which entrepreneurs are building businesses at home declines, so does the number of job opportunities. Read More.

From music to health care, Nashville’s thriving start-up scene

Nashville is world famous for its music industry, which boasts an economic impact of some $10 billion on the city and its surrounding region each year. But perhaps what’s even more impressive is its thriving health-care scene, which nearly quadruples that stat.
Health care is a major part of the Nashville ecosystem, with a $38.8 billion impact on the regional economy in 2014 and a slew of publicly traded health-care companies operating out of the city, including the Hospital Corporation of America, according to the Nashville Health Care Council. However, newer start-ups are also laying down roots in the music city. Read more

A simple way to grow America’s economy and create jobs

According to the Kauffman Foundation, new businesses (those less than five years old) are responsible for nearly all net job creation in America. And businesses less than one year old have created an average of 1.5 million jobs per year for the last three decades. Read More. 

Austin and Durham make the Top Ten Cities for Millennial Entrepreneurs list

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, millennials are optimistic (despite events like 9/11 and the great recession that have punctuated their lives), they’re caring and community-oriented despite the copious use of a solitary activity such as social media, and they’re eager entrepreneurs, even when they’re often laden with college debt that has forced them to continue living at home after graduation. Read more. 

Duke University Hopes To Inspire Teacher Retention With A House Full Of New Educators

Wise, a high school social studies teacher in North Carolina's Durham Public Schools system, lives in the Duke University TeachHouse with five other educators. The new house, the first of its kind in the country, brings together four new teachers and two veterans -- all of whom graduated from Duke and most of whom teach in Durham -- to live together, undertake professional development programs together and generally offer support to each other. The goal is that this type of innovative, early career induction program will build high-quality educators and help Durham retain them. Read More.

Triangle startup spaces flourish by bringing entrepreneurs together

“It’s just a really cool space. It sets you apart,” said Anil Chawla.

He proceeds to tick off key features at the Underground’s West Main Street site in downtown Durham that houses his 12-employee business, including: a banana-yellow slide that connects the first floor and the basement; an outdoor patio on the roof complete with a bar; and a lounge area chock-full of wide-screen TV’s that’s especially popular during March Madness.

And then there are the intangibles that come with being surrounded by other startups. Read more.